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 Truth is Rising

Thoughts are running. Time is still. Feelings are changing. Infinity expanding. How can we ever sit in silence?

Fears are emerging. Fascination is eliminating them.

The sun is rising, is always rising. We just don’t see it. We are looking at sunset with nostalgia, but sun is never setting. We are just thinking it’s going away.

We are merging into a state of Wonder by knowing Now. Now is no time. There is no place that is “Be Here”. You are everywhere.


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Dan and Tilak

Tilak has the unique ability to show you the complete joy of living and the mystery of life. He has untaught me everything I thought I knew and given me a fresh new perspective on living my life to it’s fullest potential. Tilak’s unique message has allowed me to express creativity with entirely new thoughts and ideas while also giving me the courage to conquer all challenges and perceived obstacles. The moment I met Tilak, I got out of my head and into my heart and really started to live my life.

Dan Gense, Sales Manager, Philips Medical