Living in Excellence

We live in the reflection of our mental illusions. “I need to free myself from my past,” “I have a life and I need to master it,” “There is something greater,” “There is another reality I should aspire to,” “Life is suffering but we learn and evolve from it.” We build a web of constricting relationships between events—“This is that way because of that”—and suffocate our existence through conditions—“I could have a good time…if, if only, but, unless…” Efforts to fix our lives are not what is called for. We are a mass of innocents seeking a freedom that we already have. We attempt to explain life and we fail for one single reason: Life is a mystery, a set of impermanent moments filled with sweetness, lightness and simplicity.

Tilak: A total departure from the usual

Tilak’s canvas is the powerful simplicity of ordinary life. His style is unconventional and challenging and yet his presence provides a nurturing embrace within which a playful overflow can dissolve our stubborn attachments to our sense of “I”. Our personal perception of life unfolds into the freeing clarity that there is nothing personal, nothing to resolve or release, and that everything is very, very right.

​Tilak lives on the edge, between illusion and mystery, and invites us to join him on the adventure. This invitation is extended to everybody but is not for everyone. There is no road map, no group, no technique or exercise, and no support mechanism to hold on to. No one who has met Tilak has ever been left untouched. He blends with people from all walks of life and leaves around him a deep sense of appreciation for the beauty and rightness of ordinary reality.

Tilak has the courage to “walk his talk,” to live in a truly daring way. He can show a way of living each moment as free from any cause-effect relationship from the past, without any interference with the present, so that all possibilities are revealed and all artificial separations abolished.

As Tilak says:  “Heaven is here when Time is not. To live without Time means to live without friction, with no wear and tear. That is the space of non-engagement, non-interference.”

Tilak opens us to fascination with each moment

He is not based in any religion, tradition, or lineage. Meeting Tilak changes people’s lives sometimes in subtle yet profound ways, other times in a dramatic fashion. 

​Most of the ways you try to explain and justify your existence may become futile, inaccurate and unnecessarily constricting. Because all of your previous exhausting efforts to learn, change, evolve, structure, control, practice, discipline yourself, your constant drive to have goals, purpose, direction, to be somebody, may have taken you back to where you started. We compulsively want more and more of what is bound to be the same, or of the same nature as what we have right now. Even if we have come to the point of wanting “nothing”,
we do so in the same way, within the same sphere of being centered upon ourselves. Furthermore, even our identities of “Higher Self” or “Pure Consciousness” still lie within the boundaries of a glorified image of our own ego.

​One way to blossom around Tilak is by being adventurous, fearless. That does not describe the absence of fear, but rather the ability to relate to the never-ending spectrum of challenges and problems that are thrown to us in everyday life. Connecting to the flow of life is the key and Tilak is the key to connecting to the flow. Rather than teaching as knowledge or practicing as a technique, he brings us face to face with the true freshness of every moment. At this point, all involvement with comparisons and evaluation of our own history naturally drops away. Lightness rises leaving many paths to freedom. Tilak’s presence abolishes the artificial separations between the practical and, the metaphysical, removes the need for trial-and-error, and gives one the momentum needed for self-liberation.

How to get in contact with Tilak

Tilak’s work has been shared and experienced by many thousands in the last forty years. There are now several ways to interact with Tilak including organized talks, seminars, retreats, individual sessions and by invitation only, intensives. Tilak’s presentations are also available on iTunes/Spotify/Deezer & all other platforms.

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