What is an Intensive?

For people seeking higher levels of creativity, healing or radical changes in their lifestyle, Tilak offers a powerful exploration called an intensive.

An intensive is a further quantum leap into the adventure of life through discovery, revelations, designs and patterns that allow you to create a new heart spectrum and a new life in your own style and your own taste. While a session can be a wake-up call that brings you into a space of brilliance and a sanctuary of emotional freedom, an intensive is a “take off.” Take off is more like an airplane taking off from the ground. You are unleashing your attachment to self-sabotage and your way of holding past patterns, thoughts and conditionings. And you are unleashing them without regret and fear or catharsis and insight into a space of pure wonder so that you can experience the new ideas, new emotions and new Heart Trust coming to you. 

Throughout your intensive, Tilak will be guide you in various different ways with passwords and practices specially designed for you. In these ways, you are cultivating a new space of emotions, ideas and feelings in order to grow in your heart spectrum with fascination, wonder and pure trust. This will allow you to experience your life in a space of non-interference and unconditional wonder. You will have the freedom and choice to select from many things that you never imagined or felt before. 

During the two- or three-month period of your intensive, Tilak will guide you through visits to his Center and through SKYPE or FaceTime sessions. An intensive is an incredible voyage of opening and awakening that creates a new energy and new space for your future, right now. 

Different intensives such as The Journey, Turning Point and Zero One are available upon request (if approved by Tilak). These are very different directions emotionally to go in search of pure wonder, so that you can leave your past behind to create new horizons and new energy that will embrace your life with pure delight. 

For further information about sessions and intensives, please Contact Us.