Thank you Tilak for helping me to see who I am, and to feel what I am capable of. I love observing you relate to each person in the way he or she needs in order to wake up and experience life. And thank you for reminding me of the imperfection, unpredictability and impermanence that makes life endlessly rich and exciting.
Cilla W​
Tilak showed me how to go from living life based on limited beliefs of fear, worry and reservation, to celebrating life with joy, wonder, passion & giving. My parents taught me good things, but Tilak showed me how to really enjoy life!
Ted R
Through Tilak, I have seen what Life IS. There are NO words for that except thank you.. thank you..thank you. I love you Tilak
Laurie F
Meeting and working with Tilak has shifted my life because he has an energy and positivity that is infectious. He understands people and the human condition well. I consider Tilak a valued friend and colleague.
Lisa H
Is that what we are calling it? It’s hard to put into 2 paragraphs how meeting you has affected my life… You were definitely MY bus! Every morning I see the day in a different light. The cake is truly there. I give the sun many moments of love and appreciation. I feel Mother/Baby Earth move with me and have such gratitude. I feel energy everywhere and I know everyone I meet is my friend (or friend in disguise haha…). There isn’t a day that slips by without sending you all of my love and appreciation as well. I have fallen into life with love. “Time” has been the biggest impact on me and rippled down to my family. I have all the time I need – always… This has put me in a complete different mode. I am relaxed and enjoying the moment – as it flows into all other moments. I don’t resist like I used to, and I know when the soundtrack of my mind is on rewind – and I’m aware and able to stop it. I catch myself scheming & planning daily – and laugh. I have time to cook and play. I am so happy you are in our lives. You are a big double decker bus that changed my life forever – you are a flame – you are a fire – you are a spirit in my dreams – you are the words in my head – and you are a party and a smarty pants! I miss you and love you always!!!!
Marlo Q
I’ve always been aware and attracted to color even as a child. After meeting you, Tilak, my awareness and appreciation of color has been so heightened that it has enhanced my ability to work with colors in my artwork in unique ways and given me so much pleasure. That is only one aspect of my life you have enlivened and expanded. There have been times while in your presence I have felt my heart fill with so much love that I was afraid it might burst. I am endlessly grateful to you for the way you have opened my heart and my life. Your friend,
Bob M
Tilak has a power that is hard to describe but nevertheless real. In tests that were conducted, his effect on molecules amazed the researchers who claimed that they had never seen such results before. He was able to dramatically increase the effectiveness of various compounds simply by blowing into the test tube used in the experiment. Tilak’s powers go beyond anything you can describe. And his effect on all of humanity has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people who have had the experience of being treated by him.
Joe S
Tilak: I first heard about you years ago from a friend. My friend told me that she saw inner light when you worked with her. I had been meditating for years and I had heard about a golden light, and I wanted to experience it. One day during a session, you said something like: “Let’s try something new.” I was just sitting. I closed my eyes and suddenly everything including the sense of “I am” was an infinity of golden light. Thank you Tilak! I have worked with many spiritual teachers, but I have never consistently felt the liberated joy that I feel around you, Tilak. You radiate intense joy! “You are here to play. You are here to have fun being you! There is nothing about life that is not fun!” Yes, Tilak you a genuine “wild flower”, and so am I. So are we all. You give us the courage to see it. You support and enable the innocent desire to break boundaries–to see and to be without limits. Thank you Tilak for being here for all of us!
Katherine L
Beloved Tilak, if I hadn’t met you I would have destroyed myself. It’s terrifying to admit, but I know that it’s really true. Thank you for giving me porousness, for cleaning my windshield, for helping me to see something different and unexpected – this brilliant amazing world and myself in it. Dearest beloved friend, I can’t wait to see how the mystery unfolds. I should send flowers to that double-decker bus driver. With Deepest Appreciation and Humility,
Romy U
Tilak, there was an explosion within me when I first met you that blasted me out of my boundaries and into an expanded state that lasted for a month. Little did I realize that was only the beginning of my journey with you through a life of adventures and impacts beyond anything I could have imagined. And it has never stopped. ​ You have continued to surprise me, challenge me, and stretch me. The world you have led me through is more colorful, tasty, sensual, and heartbreakingly beautiful than an IMAX movie. I am infinitely grateful to you for saving my life over and over again and making that life wondrous.
Barbara M
Tilak, there was an explosion within me when I first met you that blasted me out of my boundaries and into an expanded state that lasted for a month. Little did I realize that was only the beginning of my journey with you through a life of adventures and impacts beyond anything I could have imagined. And it has never stopped. ​ You have continued to surprise me, challenge me, and stretch me. The world you have led me through is more colorful, tasty, sensual, and heartbreakingly beautiful than an IMAX movie. I am infinitely grateful to you for saving my life over and over again and making that life wondrous.
Trixie R
You have launched me to experiences beyond my imagination, filled my heart with love that knows no boundaries and brought cheer and joy to me and my family, a smile of delight on my mother’s face, comfort in sickness and health. My appreciation is boundless as is my gratitude and amazement. Your talks keep me alive and alert. Two of my favorite passwords are: “Carrying purple roses to the temple” and “rainbow rain”. They always give feelings of joy, peace, and appreciation. Thank you Tilak for this glorious journey with you.
Jody S
My life has been touched by Tilak through his ability to demonstrate there is no limit to what the human heart is capable of sharing and giving. It is his tender heart and expression of it which allows those who share his space to experience life on a deeper more intimate level. I am forever changed/humbled.
Sonya Y
On this anniversary, 50 years of overflow! Your Heart melts us, opening the Joy and fascination to the expanding world in which we live! Wow who knew? That Life itself is a dynamic awareness Waiting in silence to be recognizes? And Playful, and Wild and Provocative! That seriousness is an illusion, a shadow of survival. Wow Wow Wow ​Tilak you continue to Wake me up, shift my focus and tickle my heart to Play and laugh with Life! May your Sweet Innocent Taranga (melodies) be felt through all the Worlds!
Carol A
How very dull my life would have been if I had not met you! You brought to me a zest for life that has allowed me to travel the world: soar above the Alps, dive the Great Barrier Reef, walk in the fog of London and so many more adventures. But mostly, I appreciate you for the love and friendship that abounds around you and which through you, surrounds me . . . my dearest and best friends, all students. ​ This year marks 25 years that I have known you . . . and it indeed seems like just yesterday that we met. That is your gift of freshness . . . innocence. Yet, I also feel I have known you forever . . . that is your gift of love. I look forward to seeing how each new day unfolds . . . and what new adventure awaits
Betsy B
Tilak has showed me how to live my life in unconditional wonder. Since the moment I met Tilak, life has become fun. Nothing is a big deal and there is nothing too good to be true. He is a great friend and an amazing example of what joy and world peace would look like if everyone could feel what he feels. Tilak is pure joy to be around
Dan G
On your 50th Anniversary day of February 7th, 2015, I honor and appreciate you Tilak. I thank you for this journey, which I am traveling with you in this life. There are no words to ever describe the profound and deep-felt gratitude I feel. Your unconditional love and compassion is never ending. You have changed my life so completely in the 24 years I’ve been with you, that I don’t even know where to begin to count the ways. You saved my life not only from cancer 3 times, but every day by the profound transformation I experience from knowing you. You’ve shown me the truth in my own heart and to trust my heart. Your love and light has made me the best person I can be and I’m happy it is me who is me! Because of you…. I’m less selfish, more giving, compassionate, loving, daring, fearless, outrageous, humble, truthful, strong, clear, sweet, innocent, trusting, happy, passionate, creative and the list goes on. THANK YOU for all the abundance I’ve received from being close to you and that continues to flow into my life every day. When I wake up in the morning I give thanks for another day with you in my life! I am so blessed! Tilak I love you always! ​ Lovebird with high flying kicks!
Mindy K
There was an occasion where we were asked to determine qualities we had gained in our experience with you. Even though I was a new student, the answer came easily – I felt like sunshine and fire. ​ How wondrous it was to start the new millennium feeling like I was awakened to life itself, a beautiful reality I had never known before this time. So much lay dormant in me, ready to activate, and it took you to do it. ​ My first intensive was on the 35th anniversary of your bicycle accident. It was no accident I met you and discovered the exceptional man I had been searching for all my life long. ​ I honor all of the events that led you to where you are today. I am blessed by grace for all of the events that led me to you. I am glad it is you who is you and me who is me. Sadu, Sadu, Sadu.
Julie N
As soon as I met you my life turned upside down, friends leaving me and new friendships began to develop. Jobs came and went till I found a way to live my life not working in a job but sharing my passion with the world. Meeting you gave me the chance to learn to see life as an adventure, imperfect and impermanent. Your sessions and guidance let me see so much more of life.
Andrea S
You were down & you rose up ​ Rising into an amazing second sunrise of infinite beauty ​ Wild, awake and alive ​ You touched so many hearts ​ The melody & rhythm of your presence sings a song of Love
Brett D
We are celebrating February 7th as the day Tilak was hit by a double- decker bus! This has a special meaning for each one of us. I celebrate my anniversary day when Tilak hit me with his bus of Rejuvenation. I celebrate my new life awakening possibilities he has opened up for me ​ Surgeons can cut, remove, replace, and re-stitch us back to better health and activity that we enjoyed in our past. But, Tilak can improve, motivate, reshape, remove or replace, and reenergize our outlook on life as we live it this moment- today. I think the difference between the physicians healing, the philosophers prodding and Tilak’s message is that Tilak gives us a vocabulary, words and thoughts, wrapped in the Freedom of His Discovery. A personal discovery that we celebrate today.
Pollyann Castle B
You renewed my belief that “All things are possible” – You restored my “Appreciation and Passion for My Life” – You gave my precious mother a new lease on her Life, awakening a deep joyous passion in her, which I will never ever forget and for which I am eternally grateful – You have become my heart’s LOVE and I am forever blessed to have you in my life. Tilak, in short, YOU ROCK!! With reverence and gratitude
Lynn K
Tilak has touched my life in such an amazing way, I can’t imagine or fathom it without him in it. A few years back I got myself into a situation where my heart trust went down. Pretty far down. The worst time in my life turned out to now be one of the best because it was through this incredible provocation that the opening was created for me to meet Tilak. His compassion, unconditional love and sessions my heart trust was mended. I no longer felt like I had a hole in my heart. More started to feel a fullness, a joy and at times an overflow. What an incredible feeling, a shift in getting to know the real me. This shift has affected me on so many level in daily life and my interactions with others. ​ Occasionally I had these amazing connections with total strangers, where I feel I have known them all my life, there is no separateness, just the overflow of unconditional pure love. What a precious moment. ​ I am so grateful to have met Tilak and the way he has affected my life. I know I only know him a little while but I am so thankful he has become part of my life.
Eileen R
A big thank to Tilak. The mystery of Tilak is fascinating and delightful. The playful loving essence that emanates from his being is fun and adventurous. His extraordinary gifts propel my life into avenues of exploration which I love. My connection to flow and life is enriched and enlivened. Love to Tilak.
Mary M
What I deeply appreciate about my work with Tilak is his unwavering stand for each and every one of us to have a life of freedom, joy, and connection to the Intelligence and to everyone around us. Every time I am with him or even when I watch his DVDs at home, I release old stories that block my highest and fullest expression of love and light. My life is continuously enriched with clarity, spontaneity, and creativity through my ongoing work with him. I always leave his sessions feeling a deeper love and appreciation for life and a profound compassion for all of us as human beings on this great planet earth. ​ Although I only met Tilak nine years ago and had accomplished many things in my career before ever meeting him (including graduating from Harvard Law School and leading seminars for thousands of people), I can authentically say that my life really began when I met him. I had a spontaneous moment of “awakening” with him that has impacted and shifted my life enormously and for which I am forever grateful. While my life had its excitements and challenges before meeting him, much of what I experienced was more of an automatic response to life– somewhat mechanical and habitual reactions to the things around me. Now, however, I can feel more deeply in a way that I have never felt before. I can see things I had never seen before. I feel alive–I feel love–and I feel a deep appreciation and gratitude for all this and more that Tilak has opened up for me and others. And now for Tilak to present himself to the world… we say YES, YES, YES
Nancy C
I wanted to share a few words on how meeting Tilak has impacted my life. ​ Before I met you I had never experienced a sense unconditional love that I felt in your presence. You opened a gateway for me to release the feelings of shame and guilt that I had been holding on to since childhood, and for that I will be forever grateful. Tilak, you are a gift to this world, a gift of life and I am so honored that I have had the pleasure of sharing with you
Joanne R
Happy 50th Anniversary of your great opening that allowed you to be you. I couldn’t let this day go by without telling you how happy I am that you came into my life. Whether I’m there in Vegas doing work with you or away for several months, I recognize what a profound and sweet impact you’ve had on my life. You have changed the viewpoint I have on life itself and the pleasure of living life and being Ann. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is, I just know life would be much more serious if it was not for you in my life. It’s not a WOW, AMAZING, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT type of feeling, but more of a subtle soothing current that connects me to something that wasn’t there before. And I thank you for that sweet, wonderful, lovable Tilak.
Ann S