About Tilak

Tilak Fernando is an American Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. His literary genres are Fiction, Motivation and Life Coach. Tilak was educated at Dharmapala College, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka and displayed an ability to see things from a different perspective even from his childhood.

Tilak Fernando was born on 30 October 1943 in Panadura, Sri Lanka as the younger son of Torger Ostin Fernando (father) and Winifred Lillian Fernando (mother). He was the second child of a family of two boys and two girls. His father was a physics lecturer and coincidentally a friend of Arthur C. Clarke. Tilak was a very talented and popular student in the school. An accident in 1964 interrupted Tilak’s medical studies and turned his life in a new direction. While convalescing, the first experience of his unique presence was felt by his school friends, whose memories were enhanced in a way that improved their powers to retain information, and who suddenly acquired a deep passion for their studies. This example indicates how Tilak’s presence brings to ordinary people what is necessary for them at a particular moment for awakening and aliveness in their day-to-day lives.

Tilak wrote a series of articles on the nature of consciousness that became popular in Sri Lanka in both Sinhalese and English. As a result of his work being published in Sri Lankan newspapers, He became known for his mystical impact on people physically and psychologically.  His work was recognized and praised widely throughout North America by many prestigious institutes. He gave talks and demonstrations at the Rosedale Medical Center in Toronto, the Western University of Ontario, the Eastern Institute of Philadelphia, the Temple University in Philadelphia, the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, as well as in London and Canada. He moved to the United States in 1974 at the invitation of several scientists and scholars and has lived since 2000 in Las Vegas. He has been conducting seminars and workshops helping people to achieve their goals in life. Tilak’s unique art of creating emotional ventilation and his wild wisdom has touched the hearts of thousands of people in more over four decades.

Tilak’s work is not for everyone; it is for those that are ready to embark on an adventure. Working with Tilak is like emotional scuba diving that unleashes your true potential and fascination for life that has been lying dormant due to fear and doubt.