The Mystery of Tilak

Nothing accurately describes the momentous and captivating life-altering experiences we can have around Tilak.  A world-renowned teacher originally from Sri Lanka, he is a man of great brilliance, freedom, spontaneity, joy, lightness and vibrant energy.  Tilak’s presence has dynamically and energetically uplifted and inspired thousands of people all over the world.

Through his talks and energy transmissions, he delivers a direct exposure to an experience of lightness and a heightened clarity that is remarkably invigorating regardless of our external circumstances.  Tilak’s presence literally raises our energy and spirit, taps into a reservoir of infinite creativity, and stimulates a profound awareness which can be effortlessly converted into immediate and appropriate action.

While Tilak’s style is delightfully inspiring, vastly entertaining, and warmly humorous, his profound message takes us by sweet and subtle surprise.  His words guide us to the ultimate invitation in life which is to engage in original thinking about what is possible, to go beyond the current constraints of traditional thought and behaviour, and to break the boundaries of living a life steeped in old patterns.  When we say “yes” to life’s invitation, it sets in motion a liberation of mind and spirit and creates an irresistible space to achieve what originally seemed impossible.

It has been said throughout the ages that when people are happy they are more effective and productive.  Being with Tilak awakens a joy and a pleasure within each of us.  It is the joy of adventure, the joy of freedom, the joy of knowing, the joy of clarity, and the joy of experiencing and being connected to the wonders of life. When this joy is present, everything is possible.  Breakthroughs and accomplishments become the norm.  

When we work with Tilak, we gain access to our own life force.  In most other seminars or trainings, people gain tools and insights and even a place to stand regarding their challenges.  With Tilak, however, there are no standardized tools or latest insights to discuss.  Instead, we discover a freshness in our hearts, the driving life force which allows the truth to unfold.  This life force can be called “heart trust,” which becomes the foundation for living.  With this experience and discovery, there comes an unleashing of what has blocked the manifestation of our intentions. 

​With blocks dissolved, we can feel free from the bonds of the past.  A profound sense of joy emerges which is real and authentic.  The natural expression for all people is to share their joy—to give it away.  This power of sharing creates a personal and professional environment that is fertile for excellence, profound interpersonal support, and incomparable results produced with comfort and ease.  Every day becomes timeless and tireless when this joy is present.  Every day becomes an opportunity to create unbelievable results. 

​The mystery of Tilak and his impact on people actually stops them in their tracks and creates a pause in their lives.  It’s a pregnant pause—full of unconditional wonder and delight. Time literally stops as one becomes engrossed in the message of Tilak.  But it’s not simply listening to him speak or experiencing his remarkable sessions that matters, but rather it’s how we really feel about ourselves and our lives after being with Tilak.  Spending time with Tilak opens a world of connection to all that we know is possible. It opens our hearts to the innocence of all life and the pure joy of being alive.  It literally takes us on a journey to the center of our hearts. 

By Nancy Castenholz

Nancy is a Business and Personal Consultant who is a graduate of Harvard and holds a law degree from Harvard Law School.