Pure Fascination

The Space of Pure Fascination is a place of awareness that brings you to a true moment of Surprise, a moment of Pure Brilliance. It is a space that is inconceivable and difficult to access because it is beyond the capacity of your current knowledge.

​What you currently know and understand are Emotional feelings of attraction fascination and spontaneity where you experience some kind of intent. You have an awareness that you are trying to get or get rid of something, this leads to scheming and planning. Intention will bring you engagement of mind mechanisms that create a lot of sound particles in your space. These feelings generate multiple distractions that prevent you from just having Fun. Without fun we lack the drive to experience happiness or joy, or the feeling of having a good life.

​The absence of happiness, or fun, causes emotional restlessness and disagreement within you. Doubt then settles in and you find yourself unable to take the next step of acquiring the Sincere and Innocent emotions in your heart. 

​If you are Alert, Ready, Willing, Open and Direct you can experience an emotional reflex that can offer you an opportune moment to feel something New and Fresh, something that exists and is found in Infinity. This will open your intelligence to see through the problem, situation and recognize that the circumference in your circle is Expanding!

​Your body responds to this expansion and feels your Presence allowing you to detect audible sounds that Sense the Nature of spontaneity. Spontaneity now translates into spontaneous opening that makes you feel the impossible is actually possible because your mind does not want to get stuck, instead wants to provide answers. The Nature of Life is not to get stuck, it must proceed to a continuum, which is another form of spontaneity.

​Continuum and spontaneity are never ending expansions that give rise to moments of Surprise. These moments are also known as moments of Pure Fascination, or Pure Brilliance!

​To understand Pure Brilliance, you must explore beyond the intelligence you know.  Explore beyond those things that encompass the natural elements and physical forces. Expanded intelligence is important because it is essential to your survival, it is needed since it can reflect senses or emotions that actually dissolve.

​Ridding yourself of things you don’t want can be achieved by dissolving them through the Feelings that come from moments of continuum and spontaneity, which is the Space of Absolute non-interference. These Feelings are in you and are very available to you. However, you just can’t manifest them by merely thinking about them. 

​You must Wake Up to feel and see “what is Spontaneity and Continuum”, and what is Pure fascination.” These feelings will also make you feel “what is Pure Love.”

​Pure Love will open the Feelings that there is nothing to care, worry or fear. It will also give you the Brilliance to attract everything you want, to come to you. You are able to Sense God or Buddha, and know their teachings. It will make you feel like a true rebel, without really rebelling to anything. This will provide you with the experience of Who you are and Why you are here.